Drop in notes

What could we do differently?

More voices – involve the schools?

How can Porty be an even better place to walk/cycle with children

How can any future land use change at Seafield have the same vibrant and active travel-friendly vibe as Portobello?

What should change in Porty?

Promenade could be a planned, shared green space – even nicer

Reduce traffic

Segregated cycle lanes on the roads

More organised plans for the Prom

Affordable housing

Better green space – play space

Toddler pool on the prom please – as in Bridlington

Affordable housing

Look at international best practice for the development of waterfronts

The prom is great but could be fantastic – needs more investment

Upgrade Towerbank playpark (properly)

High quality affordable housing for local people

What is good in Porty

Portobello library

#The High Street (but too many hairdressers and nail bars)

Great sense of community

Socially mixed community – retain a mixed community (avoid gentrification)

The prom and beach

Community feel

Independent shops

The beach 

The prom

The people