Moving Around Porty

1100 – 1300 Saturday 20th November 2021

Outside Town Hall

Spokes Porty & Porty Community Energy co-hosted this conversation. We asked the public how they had travelled there and where they had come from. These results were then plotted on a map:

Walking 59

Car 13

Bus 4

Bike 7

Scooter 1

Rollerblade 1

We also asked people to choose their top three from the following statements:

I want more, better, and safer cycle routes60
I want the Portobello train station opened again45
There is a traffic problem in Porty40
I would like a safer, quieter high street with no through traffic (except buses)34
I would like it to be easier to not own a car22.5
I want a direct bus to Leith / Ocean Terminal22
I want more express buses to city centre17
I want the High Street pedestrianised15.5
I would like to cycle more13.5
I want more local car hire / car club provision10
I want through traffic to be restricted on the High Street9.5
I want to be able to hire a bike locally7
I would like to be able to drive and park wherever I want.2
There is not a traffic problem in Porty0

There were 298 responses, which corresponds with approximately 99 respondents.

The general feedback from the event was that people very much want traffic along the High Street to be reduced and for active travel infrastructure to be better, safer and more joined up.